The Thief On The Cross


Welcome to the Discipleship Minute. I’m Maurice Smith. Two thieves were crucified with Jesus. One asked Jesus to remember him in the Kingdom. This man believed the message of the Kingdom and spent the remaining moments of his life as a disciple of the Kingdom. The second man was only willing to “believe” if Jesus would deliver him. The first thief didn’t ask to be delivered. He asked to be remembered. That’s the faith of a disciple. But the second thief didn’t want to be remembered; only delivered. In the Presence of the King, one man died a disciple, while the other died a thief. Which are you? And which am I? To help you answer that question, I’ve written a book entitled, And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom of God. You’ll find it on our website at; that’s
(From And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom, Volume 1, page 53)
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