A Borrowed Faith


Welcome to the Discipleship Minute. I’m Maurice Smith. In John Chapter 1, five young men from Galilee began their journey of discipleship with a faith in Jesus borrowed from John the Baptizer. And a borrowed faith can only take us so far. Every journey of discipleship in the Kingdom of God is a journey of faith which each of us must take for ourselves. Others can help. But no one can believe for us. Like children borrowing a parents’ faith, the day eventually comes when the faith of the parent must become the faith of the child’s own possession, or they will discard it along with other borrowed things in their life. Are you living on a borrowed faith? Learn more in our book, And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom of God. You’ll find it on our website at risingrivermedia.org; that’s risingrivermedia.org.
(From And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom, Volume 1, page 66)
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