Come And See


Welcome to the Discipleship Minute. I’m Maurice Smith. In John Chapter 1, Jesus demonstrated a simple discipleship principle. He invited two of John’s disciples to “Come and see.” It was a simple invitation to spend time together and explore the Kingdom of God. Maybe our reluctance to invite unbelievers to spend time together reflects a lack of depth and confidence in our own walk of faith and discipleship. “Come and see” may not have the ring of a sinner’s prayer, but it may be more honest and genuine for everyone involved. It’s how a borrowed faith, or even a curious faith, grows into a genuine faith. It’s how many journeys of discipleship begin. Learn more about how Jesus made disciples in our book, And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom of God. You’ll find it on our website at; that’s
(From And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom, Volume 1, page 66)
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