Welcome to the Discipleship Minute. I’m Maurice Smith. God is always at work doing many things at once. That was certainly true at the Wedding in Cana where Jesus performed His first miraculous sign, turning the borrowed faith of His disciples into a faith of their own possession. Our journey of discipleship into the Kingdom of God isn’t measured by how many miraculous signs we’ve experienced, but by that one sign which illumines our heart, ignites faith to believe and transforms our borrowed faith into a personal faith. The disciples now believed in Jesus because they had witnessed His glory for themselves. And that is the beginning of genuine discipleship in the Kingdom of God. Learn more about this discipleship moment in our book, And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom of God. You’ll find it on our website at; that’s
(From And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom, Volume 1, page 71)
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