He Must Increase

Welcome to the Discipleship Minute. I’m Maurice Smith. John 3:30 says, He must increase, but I must decrease. In only seven words, John the Baptizer offers us one of the most important lessons you and I will ever learn about our walk as disciples of the Kingdom. Jesus must grow in importance, while we recede into the background of what God is doing. As disciples of the Kingdom, the organic growth of the Kingdom means that what God plants through us will grow to far exceed us. In the process, Jesus will be glorified and we will scarcely be remembered, if at all. In the Kingdom of God, our significance is inversely proportional to our importance. Learn more in our book, And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom of God. You’ll find it on our website at risingrivermedia.org; that’s risingrivermedia.org.
(From And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom, Volume 1, page 76)
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