Writing On Discipleship

Writing on discipleship in the Kingdom this AM, final edits on Volume 2. Today’s thought: “Simply stated, the Kingdom of God is not about any religious externals (or any political, economic or social externals, we should add). The Kingdom of God exists wherever individuals have been “justified by faith,” that is, they have been embraced by the righteousness of God-in-Christ, resulting in peace with God, and filling them with the joy of the Holy Spirit. To be embraced by the righteousness of God as credited to us by faith in the death of Jesus is like being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a bitterly cold night of perpetual spiritual homelessness. It represents the end of our self-effort in the futile task of trying to please God and to earn His love through external efforts, regardless of how religious and noble those efforts might be. It embodies our total and complete submission to His reign in our lives, the fulfillment of all His righteous demands, and the beginning of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”