2 thoughts on “Discipleship Quote 1

  1. Gifford Claiborne

    Discipleship. Now that’s an interesting word/concept. What is Disciple. We’ve all heard…..A learner.
    But when Jesus said, “make disciples” what was he saying? Making implies building something. Probably building a follower of Christ. But then, what does “follower of Christ” mean? Do you follow him from city to city? Or is it like “following the Lakers?” Where you know everything about the Lakers. You never miss a game, if you can help it. You’ll even fly across country to see a special game. You know all the players. You know all the stats. And you allow, and even encourage, the shaping of your life by those stats and information and attendance. You’re not a Laker. But you follow the Lakers.

    1. risingrivermedia@gmail.com Post author

      Gifford, good thoughts. How I’ve often wished that professing believers were as devoted to “team Jesus”and the Kingdom as they are to their favorite sports team. I graduated from Carolina (UNC-Chapel Hill). I enjoy following the Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball. But I would sincerely hope that my focus upon the things of the Kingdom is greater than my focus on the comings and goings of a basketball team.

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