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“Why did Jesus deliberately concentrate His life upon comparatively so few people? Had he not come to save the world? With the glowing announcement of John the Baptist ringing in the ears of multitudes, the Master easily could have had an immediate following of thousands if He wanted them. Why did He not then capitalize upon His opportunities to enlist a mighty army of believers to take the world by storm? Surely the Son of God could have adopted a more enticing program of mass recruitment. Is it not rather disappointing that one with all the powers of the universe at His command would live and die to save the world, yet in the end have only a few ragged disciples to show for His labors? The answer to this question focuses at once the real purpose of His plan for evangelism. Jesus was not trying to impress the crowd, but to usher in a Kingdom.”  (Robert Coleman, The Master Plan of Evangelism)

Welcome to The Discipleship Minute Home Page.  The Discipleship Minute is a series of one-minute commentaries on biblical discipleship, based on our book And They Dreamt Of A Kingdom: Biblical Studies In Discipleship And The Kingdom Of God. Each commentary offers a thought designed to challenge you to a deeper personal walk as a disciple of the Kingdom. Our goal is to encourage you to think greater thoughts about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and the Kingdom. It’s time to grow deeper in your walk of faith, and we’re here to help!

The Commentaries are listed in the order originally broadcast. Click on a commentary and you will be taken to a page where you can listen AND read the text, along with where that thought occurs in our book. 

The Discipleship Minute

Program 001 The Question
Program 002 The Kingdom
Program 003 The Lost Kingdom
Program 004 Raising The Bar
Program 005 Disciples Versus Believers
Program 006 The Thief On The Cross
Program 007 Take Up Your Cross
Program 008 When Jesus Challenges Everything
Program 009 Little Christ Ones
Program 010 What Shapes You?
Program 011 Worker Bees Or Disciples?
Program 012 A Borrowed Faith
Program 013 Come And See
Program 014 Signs
Program 015 Zeal
Program 016 Made or Born?
Program 017 Reflection Or Resolution
Program 018 He Must Increase
Program 019  Journeys of Necessity
Program 020 Sowing The Kingdom
Program 021 The Jesus Virus